Viewpoint: Taylor Gentry


By Taylor Gentry

 Like many artists out there, COVID-19 has flipped everything upside down. I think it is safe to say that the future of live entertainment, art exhibition, and other events looks uncertain, and even this assertion is uncertain! 

I don’t have all the answers, but one thing I do know and that I feel deep down in my soul is that we, the artistic community, must come together. By banding together, only then can we start to answer these questions, and possibly rebuild. If you don’t mind me putting myself out there, I’d like to get the ball rolling. One positive thing this pandemic has revealed to us is how crucial art and creativity are, as well as how quick innovation and restructuring can take place. 

We have definitely adapted. Instead of doing our radio theatre live, we have carved out a small studio to start filming our plays, very much like an old school school radio broadcast.  Our shows will be playing on WGNS Murfreesboro’s website, 104.9 The River in Chattanooga and their affiliate Roku Channel iTV Chattanooga sometime in August or October. However, this new show is not about us. 

Our show is called Count Drahoon’s Feature of Fright, a horror comedy podcast where my vampire alter ego presents spooky and silly tales. It may seem a bit repetitive, but I only bring it up to reiterate what we do, now we want to know what you do. If you are a local musician, we want you to play on our show. If you are a local artist, we want to put your art on our show. If you are a comedian, or a poet or a storyteller. We want you to use our stage as your stage! Basically, we would plan to have two of our radio stories for the first half of a one hour show, and then the last half is set aside for our featured local artist. Could that be you?! 

This is a call to action, our chance to come together and fill the world with more creativity and talent in a very unique and unprecedented way. Not only for artists, but for local business as well. If you are a local business that loves local art and wants to help, this may be a platform for you as well. We are offering sponsorship opportunities as well as “virtual dinner theatre packages” for restaurants, all with the expressed purpose of covering the air time for this endeavor; as well as supporting artists and the actors for our show directly. Email us at if our stage is the right fit for you.