Viewpoint, Joel Lucks: “We the People…for the People”


by Joel Lucks

History does repeat itself, but the problem is if we do not read our history, we cannot understand our present.
President Donald J.Trump was harshly ridiculed for raising tariffs. The Left thought his actions would create trade wars and tariff wars?
His polices actually put a lot of countries on notice for the first time, and put a lot more money into our pockets, too. But the Dems were afraid of upsetting “world order” and our dominance?

He would not be the world’s patsy anymore. He would not be taken advantage of anymore, not in trade, not in the NATO, or in the Paris Accord. And that we would not just give money away to foreign countries to just curry favor. The Iran Deal threw money away, and we got nothing back from Iran.
What Trump created was more competition and wanted to preserve and protect U.S. manufacturers and jobs. He also knew that our competitor foreign countries heavily taxed our goods, while we “took” nothing in return.
Go back in our American History…
James Madison, the 4th president of the United State believed in tariffs, just as our 45th president, President Donald J. Trump.
“Madison favored high tariffs on imported manufacturers to protect new American industries from foreign competition.”
Reading is learning. Reading is believing.