Town of Smyrna Breaks Ground on new 14,000 sq. ft. Fire Station on Jefferson Pike



(Smyrna,TN)—The Town of Smyrna and its officials were proud to host the groundbreaking ceremony last Friday that marked the commencement of construction for the town’s newest fire station, Station #4, situated at 5650 W. Jefferson Pike. Town of smyrnaThis significant addition to
Smyrna’s infrastructure, which will be the sixth fire station in the area, holds the promise of enhancing the overall level of fire service throughout the community by substantially reducing response times.


Pictured: SRM Concrete CEO Jeff Hollingshead, Mayor Mary Esther Reed and Town Manager Brian Hercules.

Smyrna Mayor Mary Esther Reed, expressed her excitement about the project, stating, “We are thrilled to kick off the construction of the new fire station. This new facility on Jefferson Pike will further bolster the already outstanding fire and emergency services we provide in Smyrna.”

Town Manager Brian D. Hercules emphasized the town’s dedication to delivering exceptional services to its residents, saying, “Our commitment to offering top-notch services to our citizens remains a top priority for the Town of Smyrna.”


Smyrna Town Manager Brian Hercules

The architectural design of Station #4 has been entrusted to TMPartners, a renowned architectural firm based in Brentwood, Tennessee, specializing in municipal projects. Jeff Earwood, Principal at TMPartners, shared his pride in the collaboration, stating, “TMP is honored to partner with the Town of Smyrna on Fire Station #4. We’ve become deeply intertwined with this wonderful community and consider it a privilege to contribute.
Many on our team have friends and family who rely on the services of the Smyrna Fire Department, making this project particularly meaningful to us.”

Pictured are: Smyrna Town Councilmen Racquel Peebles, Gerry Short, Marc Adkins, Mayor Mary Esther Reed, Fire Chief Bill Culbertson, Tim Morrell, H.G. Cole, and Town Manager Brian Hercules.
Smyrna Fire Chief Bill Culbertson stands in front of new #4 Fire Station.

Robins & Morton, a prominent construction company with a wealth of experience in both public and private projects across the southeastern United States, will be responsible for bringing Station #4 to life.
Andy Dulioki, Commercial Division Manager at Robins & Morton, expressed his enthusiasm for the undertaking, remarking, “We are genuinely excited to embark on the construction of Fire Station #4 for the Town of Smyrna. It’s an honor for us to provide a high-quality, beautiful home for our dedicated first responders and to show our gratitude for their invaluable contributions to the community.”

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The construction of this new fire station is anticipated to be completed within a span of 13 months, marking a significant step forward in enhancing the safety and well-being of Smyrna’s residents and further fortifying the town’s commitment to serving its community effectively.