The healing power of music—Researchers are turning to music as treatment for PTSD, stroke, brain injuries and even Parkinson’s


Why researchers are turning to music as a possible treatment for PTSD, stroke, brain injuries and even Parkinson’s


According to a study presented at the American College of Cardiology’s 2020 people are recognizing the healing power of music. Just 30 minutes a day of listening to music lowered the pain and anxiety levels in patients who had survived heart attacks.

Music is often referred to the universal language.

It goes beyond the can open the doors to empathy and understanding. In the words of Camie,”In a world full of separation, anger, prejudice, fear, judgment, and pain, perhaps by expanding our familiar musical tastes we could slowly develop a listening ear for others who may not fit into our comfortable genres. Perhaps listening to music that expresses life experiences from different perspectives will naturally nurture more tolerance and empathy for our brothers and sisters around the globe.”

The healing power of music