Tennessee Legislators hear Amtrak pitchs, new Memphis-to-Chicago and other possible Train lines


Amtrak pitched an additional daylight route to Chicago. Their vision is adding additional passenger service in Tennessee.

Company representatives traveled to the Tennessee General Assembly in Nashville to inform state legislators Tuesday afternoon with their ideas. 

Amtrak’s only train running through Tennessee is called the City of New Orleans. It’s the train made famous in song by Willie Nelson and Arlo Guthrie, who each had hits with the Steve Goodman penned tune. The City of New Orleans runs between Chicago and, well, the city of New Orleans. The route through Tennessee takes it close to the Mississippi River along the western border of the state, making two stops along the way.

The company senior Director of Government Affairs Ray Lang presented a plan for new Tennessee lines to Atlanta and Chicago during the House Transportation Committee’s first meeting of 2020.

The passenger rail service hopes to add intercity routes throughout the U.S. and especially in the booming Southeast region.