State Officials Make Efforts to Inform Tennesseans of $1.2 Billion in Unclaimed Property



State officials in Tennessee are taking a proactive approach to reach out to residents who may be entitled to a share of $1.2 billion in unclaimed property. The state is connecting with individuals who may have forgotten about their assets, the Tennessee Department of Treasury has initiated a letter campaign targeting businesses across the state.

With almost 7 million Tennessee residents eligible for unclaimed property, the state is determined to reunite rightful owners with their funds. As of June 30, there was already a staggering $1.2 billion waiting to be claimed, and in the past seven months, even more missing money has been turned over by businesses.

The letter campaign aims to leverage the cooperation of businesses in locating current or former employees who may have unclaimed property in their name. By reaching out to these employers, the state hopes to facilitate the process of reuniting residents with their forgotten assets. This approach recognizes that businesses often have valuable information about individuals, particularly when it comes to contact details and employment history.


Unclaimed property refers to various assets, such as bank accounts, stocks, uncashed checks, insurance proceeds, and utility deposits, that have been abandoned by their rightful owners. The reasons for property going unclaimed can vary, ranging from people relocating without updating their contact information to individuals simply forgetting about their assets.

In the past year, the state of Tennessee has already made significant progress in returning unclaimed property to its rightful owners. Through diligent efforts, 50,337 claims were processed, resulting in $57.6 million in cash property being returned to individuals, businesses, and local governments. This success story highlights the importance of ongoing efforts to raise awareness about unclaimed property and ensure that residents have the opportunity to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

State officials are committed to making the process of claiming unclaimed property as seamless as possible. In addition to the letter campaign, they have also established an online database where residents can search for and claim their assets. By providing easy access to information and simplifying the steps involved in claiming unclaimed property, the state aims to encourage more residents to come forward and retrieve their funds.

If you are a Tennessee resident, it is worthwhile to check if you have any unclaimed property in your name. You can visit the Tennessee Department of Treasury’s website or contact their dedicated unclaimed property division for assistance. Remember, the $1.2 billion waiting to be claimed represents a significant amount of money that could make a meaningful difference in the lives of many Tennesseans.

The Tennessee Department of Treasury’s letter campaign targeting businesses is an innovative approach to connecting with individuals who may be owed a share of $1.2 billion in unclaimed property. By actively reaching out to employers and raising awareness about the issue, state officials hope to reunite residents with their forgotten assets and ensure that the rightful owners receive what is rightfully theirs.