Smyrna’s Most Dangerous Roadway Jefferson Pike, residents express concern over road with reputation for danger

By CB Cotton
SMYRNA, Tenn. (WKRN) – Another crash has killed someone on a road with a reputation for danger.
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Last Thursday a woman died on Jefferson Pike in Smyrna.

Residents who want more safety features on the roadway have an ally in a state lawmaker.

“I’ve seen other fatalities here, I’ve seen dump trucks roll over. I’ve seen wrecks right in front of my old business,” said Republican Rep. Mike Sparks

Some residents say they also, have seen too many people die on Jefferson Pike.

“I can think of the Phillips family, they lost a son. There’s another family who lost a daughter. I know a lady that had a horrible accident.” said Ginny Williams, a Smyrna resident.

The most recent fatality claimed the life of Tammie McClard.

Smyrna police say in the past five years, they’ve responded to more than 70 crashes on this road, and 29 people have been hurt.

“This road cannot handle the amount of traffic,” said Williams.

Other residents say Jefferson Pike is too narrow, with dangerous drop-offs

Rep. Sparks said he wants Governor-Elect Bill Lee and the Tennessee Department of Transportation, to immediately address safety concerns.

“This needs to be a number one priority for the state of Tennessee before we have another fatality like we just had recently. The main thing is just widening this road, just get this project started,” he emphasized.

News 2 reached out to T-DOT who said there is a project underway that would widen Jefferson Pike from a two-lane to a five-lane.

T-dot did not confirm when construction will start, but News 2 will continue to follow this story.