Tennessee Speaker Cameron Sexton: Change BEP to incentivize the successful

By John Gullion Tribune Managing Editor



Editor’s Note:(Citizen Tribune Editor) This is the second story in a series stemming from a conversation with Tennessee Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton.

The key to addressing the issues within the state of Tennessee’s education system is incentive,
according to Cameron Sexton, Tennessee’s Speaker of the House.

The Republican from Crossville sees an overhaul of the state’s funding mechanics also known as BEP or Basic Education Program, a complicated system that spreads the available education monies to school systems around the state.

If given his way, Sexton would change the entire system in an effort to motivate educators to do better.

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“Everybody should get the same pot of money and then you should have another pot of money that rewards people in high-performing areas,” he said, creating an incentive for educators to do more. “If you reward everybody the same, regardless if they’re low, mid or high, what’s the incentive for people to perform well and do more and try to get more?”

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