Scientists unveil pair of ‘mummified alien’ corpses to Mexico Congress



Mexican politicians gathered at the country’s Congress to witness a rather unusual sight – the display of alleged “non-human” alien corpses. These peculiar specimens, purportedly recovered from Cusco, Peru, were showcased in transparent containers in Mexico City, generating significant excitement among UFO conspiracy enthusiasts.

The two small alleged alien corpses, retrieved from Cusco, Peru, were presented in windowed boxes in Mexico City on Wednesday (Reuters)

Journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan orchestrated this event, offering sworn testimony that these mummified creatures do not belong to “our terrestrial evolution.” Mexican media reported that nearly one-third of their DNA remains “unknown.”

During the public hearing, Mr. Maussan presented several videos depicting “UFOs and unidentified anomalous phenomena” to both US officials and members of the Mexican government. The climax of the event was the unveiling of the supposed alien remains.

Mr. Maussan informed the audience that scientists at the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) had conducted studies on the specimens, utilizing radiocarbon dating to extract DNA evidence. Following comparisons with other DNA samples, it was revealed that over 30% of the specimens’ DNA could not be identified.


X-ray images of the specimens were also exhibited during the hearing, accompanied by sworn testimonies from experts. One of the bodies was observed to contain what were described as “eggs,” and both specimens were said to possess implants made from exceedingly rare metals, such as Osmium.

Ryan Graves, the Executive Director of Americans for Safe Aerospace and a former US Navy pilot, attended the event. Earlier this year, he had addressed the US Congress about the national security threat posed by unidentified aerial phenomena.

It’s worth noting that Mr. Maussan has been associated with previous claims of “alien” discoveries that were later debunked, including the case of five mummies found in Peru in 2017, which were ultimately determined to be human children.