Rob Mitchell Commentary: America’s “State of the Heart” Address


Presidents give their “State of the Union” address. Governor’s give their “State of the State” addresses. Each will lay out their vision for their administration over the course of the next year. Each will provide tangible examples by way of a parade to those who would benefit from their chosen direction and courses of proposed legislation.

Gov. Bill Lee presents Rutherford County Property Assessor Rob Mitchell his Certificate of Election.

The opposition will provide their rebuttals and almost assuredly will provide an almost as convincing case diametrically opposed to leaderships. As a nation, as individual citizens of states, counties and local municipalities we are driven further and further apart. We must stop this. America has a heart condition! So here it is… my State of the Heart address:

It is easy to think in traditional political terms of liberal and conservative, as Republicans and Democrats, rich and poor, management and labor, black and white or some equally narrow framework. It is more comfortable to continue to move and vote in legions, with our friends who are equally motivated by some current raging prejudice or popular movement.

We no longer have the luxury of such lazy political habits in this day and time. We can’t sit on the couch eating chips and dip any longer. We must take action and demand more from ourselves and those we choose to lead us. It’s easier today to watch an image and repeat a well worn slogan than it is to engage our brains with rational thought in honest debate. Our only hope, as a community and a nation, is that which comes from independent judgment and ideas, even those which may seem unorthodox or eccentric, which will enable us to transcend our individual frailties.

Our future and that of coming generations relies upon compromises in the days and years ahead. These will be compromises of issues not of principles. We can compromise our political positions, but not our belief in that liberty granted to all of mankind.

Rob Mitchell
Assessor of Property
Rutherford County Tennessee