Opinion: Sex Work – John Stossel

John stossell

By John Stossel

Football players make money with their bodies. Some are injured. But football is legal.

So why is sex work illegal?

My video this week focuses on that.

Sex worker “Aella” has made hundreds of thousands of dollars, mostly by “camming,” showing her body to men online and talking intimately with them.

Her customers are happy to pay for that.

This offends people.

It’s “exploitation … under the banner of a career choice!” complains feminist Heather Brunskell-Evans.

Aella laughs at that, saying, “Where was she when I was working at a factory? Lots of people work terrible jobs. (But) a lot of sex workers make more money.”

Aella left home to escape strict parents when she was 17. That’s when she got that factory job.

Eventually, someone suggested she try camming, which Aella says turned out to be much better than factory work. “I could decide what kind of things I wanted to do, what my limits were.”

Also, she made $200 an hour.

After camming, Aella tried “escort” work. That’s really just another word for prostitution.

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