No end in sight for the price of housing and the price of RENT in Murfreesboro Area



According to WGNS Radio 100.5 FM, 101.9 FM and 1450 AM housing prices continue to climb, which also equal increased prices for rental units throughout Rutherford County. According to, apartment complexes in Murfreesboro are charging tenants between $1,349 and $1,789 per month.

When you break down the monthly lease amounts charged locally by the size of unit the tenant is renting, 2022 numbers show that studio apartments are being rented for an average of $1,419 per month.


When it comes to 1-bedroom apartments, the average monthly rent in Murfreesboro is $1,349. For a 2-bedroom apartment, you can expect to pay $1,609 per month. The average monthly rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in the ‘Boro comes in at $1,789.
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