Mike Sparks: Old-School Bartering Is Back. Here are a few Barter Trading Tips


Editor’s Note: Many people have asked me over the years, “what has really motivated you to write your books?” My response are two main reasons.
The first one is that I wanted to write to help people. Many of my customers, friends and constituents have had many struggles in their lives. I would often hear their personal and family’s struggles.
The second reason is that writing is a sense of therapy for me. With all the noise of this world with Facebook and negative news that seems to be constant from the mainstream media – writing has become an outlet for me. Therapy to get things off my chest that I may be battling internally and writing is a way to ‘let it all out.’
I recently read a quote from Bob Marley, “
If you get down and quarrel everyday, you’re saying prayers to the devil.” Today, especially with social media, way too many people maybe – praying to the devil.

Learn to Barter & 21 Ways to Increase Your Income by Michael J. Sparks (Mike Sparks)

Throughout the years I had the opportunity to meet many folks with diverse skills: construction framers, concrete finishers, electricians, mechanics, radio station owners, consultants – just to name a few.
When the opportunity would present itself I would offer to find a way to barter for their services in return for a car, truck, motorcycle and even an airplane.
Bartering can help make ends meet, especially in the times we are in now with rising taxes, fuel, rent, food and other necessities. Sadly, I believe tough times are ahead of us.
My second book: Learn To Barter & 21 Ways To Increase Your Income by Michael J. Sparks shares many of those experiences.

How To Do More with Less During Tough Times by Michael J. Sparks (Mike Sparks)



My third book, How To Do More with Less During Tough Times is more about stretching a dollar and looking for unique ways to save money.



According to Sheryl Nance-Nash, “the pandemic has put many households’ finances in jeopardy. While tough times call for creativity, that doesn’t necessarily mean reinventing the wheel. In fact, people are turning to a practice as old as the wheel itself: bartering.”

“Simply put, bartering is trading. You swap your goods or services with others for the goods and services you need. It’s not just small business owners turning to formal exchanges to keep their businesses afloat. Many average Americans have also adopted the practice, thanks to informal avenues like Facebook 

and Craigslist, among others. Richard Crone, CEO of Crone Consulting, predicts that the value of person-to-person bartering in the U.S. of “packaged goods,” which includes toilet paper and the like, will grow by 50% this year from its current level of $4.2 million.”


Learn the Basics and Learn To Barter

There are formal barter exchanges that process the barter transactions, acting similar to a financial institution. Your barter dollars are banked for future use, when you can use them to “purchase” goods or services from members. The prices are set in barter trade dollars. Usually, there is an initial membership fee and a small monthly fee or transaction fee. Both parties conduct person-to-person trading/bartering. The parties come to an agreement that suits both needs.

To read full article and Learn to Barter visit: https://money.com/how-to-barter/