Liberty Safe Addresses Controversy Amid Rising Public Outcry Regarding FBI Code Provision



Gun safe manufacturer Liberty Safe has responded to growing backlash by offering customers the option to have records of their safe combinations deleted. This move comes after Liberty Safe provided the access code to one of its safes to the FBI, which had requested it in connection to a case involving a customer named Nathan Hughes, charged with various offenses related to the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6, 2021.


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Liberty Safe explained that it followed its protocol, which involves providing access codes to law enforcement when a valid warrant grants them access to a property. The company emphasized its commitment to protecting customers’ personal property and Second Amendment rights, stating that it had consistently refused requests for access codes without proper warrants in the past.

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In response to the concerns raised by customers, Liberty Safe now allows them to request the deletion of records of their safe access codes by filling out a form. This option provides customers with greater control over how their information is stored and protected.

However, Liberty Safe also noted that customers who choose to opt out of the company’s “secure database” and have their access codes expunged will have limited recourse in case they forget or lose their combinations. The company had previously retained records of “factory-set combinations” to assist users in regaining access to their safes in situations where combinations were forgotten or misplaced.

Liberty Safe, as one of the United States’ oldest and largest safe manufacturers, continues to uphold its founding belief in Americans’ fundamental right to protect and safeguard their valuables and property.