How Writing Improves Thinking: a Simple Guide for Anyone and Everyone



How writing improves thinking skills

Few people are born with the talent to write well; the majority of us must sweat through the process of rewriting and editing until we get it right. To be a good thinker, you need to become a good writer first. David McCullough, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian, once said that writing is thinking. He also said that to write well, you must think critically. That is the reason why writing is so difficult. We practice our thinking through writing; the two activities are interconnected. 

Writing is more than just a means of communication. It’s a process that encourages us to reflect, think, analyze, and reason. A good writing assignment’s objective isn’t just to explain, convince, or summarize; it’s to encourage students to make sense of complicated topics and come up with their unique perspectives. Excellent writing comes from researching, analyzing, and creatively presenting the information. You can sharpen your thinking by practicing writing. It’s a beautiful but sometimes overlooked interconnection.

“If You Can Think and Speak and Write, You Are Absolutely Deadly.”
~ Jordan Peterson

Critical thinking is lacking in the modern workplace, despite its evident importance. published the findings of a survey last year that revealed the top 10 job skills that companies seek. “The ability to make decisions and solve problems” is opening the list. Still, to be successful in the modern workplace, we must show that we possess the critical thinking skills required to work together and communicate.

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