Gov. Lee Appoints Former Rep. John DeBerry to Cabinet After ‘Democrat Party Ambush’

DeBerry Will Serve as Senior Advisor

Monday, November 30, 2020 | 01:30pm

Editor’s Note: The year 2020 will go down as being known for COVID-19, social-distancing and the ‘Political Ambush’ of Rep. John DeBerry by the Tennessee Democrat Executive Committee. The vote on DeBerry by the executive committee was 41 to 18 with two abstentions-the vast majority were white Democrat members. I would argue that all of them or at least 90% have never visited district 90 in Memphis (would anyone like to place a wager on it?).
DeBerry, a registered democrat since 1970 has always been conservative when it comes to social issues.
Deberry told Morning Host Robyn Walensky of Memphis KWAM News says what the Democrats in Memphis are trying to do is obvious to him.

“I think the agenda is to sanitize the democratic party to where it’s a mindless group of folks who simply follow an agenda that is placed before them” Deberry tells Walensky.

Listen to Wake Up Memphis and Rep. John DeBerry

“I see them going backwards trying to sanitize the country. We are going down a dangerous path. We’re on a slippery slope that’s going to lead us exactly where our enemies said we were going to be in the ’60s,” Deberry tells “Wake Up Memphis.”


“I can remember Khrushchev saying that he was going to take America without firing a shot, he was going to pit us against one another, blacks against whites, the rich against the poor, the north against the south, the religious against the non-religious, so on and so forth. And even Abraham Lincoln did not originate this Jesus originated this, that a house divided against itself, cannot stand.”

Have you noticed how the “lamestream media” never discusses the DeBerry political ambush? Do you know why? The reason is that the narrative and the ‘agenda‘ doesn’t line-up with the agenda the political-left want to create. Rep. DeBerry has simply suffered from ‘religious persecution’ at the hands of an ever-growing leftist democrat party. A party who has become anti-Christian, anti-life, socialist and intolerant of other’s views.

Rep. DeBerry has served his constituents for 26 years, marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and was at the ‘Mountaintop speech‘ when Dr. King gave it. I wrote this Op-Ed back in the summer and Rep. DeBerry had told me, “Mike, your column has got some folks pretty upset. I then asked, “What about the column wasn’t truthful? He responded, “It was all the truth. I said, “Great! I want some folks to be upset-that’s often what the truth will do. I want people to think and think for themselves and no be a bunch of sheep.”

I was impressed that CNN journalist Roland Martin has even chimed in and stated, “I don’t give a d@#n what your position is. Pro-life or pro-choice for an executive committee (Tennessee Democrat Executive Committee) to remove a duly-elected official because he is pro-life is depriving the people who have voted for him of representation, of him representing them.”

What the Tennessee Democrat Executive Committee did to Rep. DeBerry is a slippery slope on free and fair elections. The voting rights of the people of Memphis were more than suppressed-they were forbidden to vote for their 26-year state representative who

has represented them with integrity and character. Shame on you NAACP, ACLU, Tennessee Democrat Executive Committee, mainstream media and others who turn a blind-eye to this, ‘racist, anti-Christian bigoted atrocity.’
I’m reminded of the words of Edmund Burke, “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.”

NASHVILLE – Today, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced that former member of the General Assembly Representative John DeBerry of Memphis will join his cabinet as a senior advisor.

“John DeBerry is a respected leader and man of faith who has served our state with integrity for decades as both a legislator and civil rights champion,” said Gov. Lee. “John has fought to protect life, provide better education options for Tennessee students, and to reform our criminal justice system and I’m honored to have his counsel within the Cabinet.”

DeBerry has represented the 90th House District of Tennessee since 1995. He is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University and the University of Memphis and currently preaches at the Coleman Avenue Church of Christ in Memphis in addition to churches and organizations across the country.

“It’s been an honor to serve my constituents for the last 26 years,” said DeBerry. “I am proud of the work accomplished throughout my time with the Tennessee General Assembly and I look forward to serving Tennesseans in this statewide role.”

DeBerry will begin on Tuesday, December 1. In his role, DeBerry will serve on the governor’s Executive Leadership Team and his office will be in the Tennessee State Capitol.