Florida School Drops Common Core – Soars To Number One


There was a lot of talk about getting rid of Common Core in Tennessee and some changes were made, but I am told that a lot of it is still present in our school system.

It certainly wasn’t dropped as completely as described in the Florida article below. Common Core seems to be another “gift that keeps on giving.”

The recent presentation in the Senate Education Committee about how some students in Tennessee are severely lacking in math and reading skills when they go to college should be an important wake-up call. Something is NOT being done well!

Perhaps if math was taught as it used to be taught and if systematic intensive phonics was used, these numbers would greatly improve.


Florida School Drops Common Core – Soars To Number One

A school in Florida has soared to the number one position in the State’s top schools list, after it ditched the Common Core program in favor of traditional teaching methods, according to government statistics.



Analyst: Common Core Intended for Low-Skilled Workers, Failed America’s Children

An education analyst who says the Common Core Standards have been the “worst large-scale educational failure in 40 years” told Breitbart News the business community especially propped up the education reform, primarily to provide basic skills to immigrant workers.


Large numbers of Tennessee students not ready for college, new state data show

Newly released data detailing how ready Tennessee students are for college paint a grim picture of the state’s continued challenges in improving K-12 education.


Obama’s Common Core: Math Scores Hit 20-Year Low, Continue to Plummet

The Common Core teaching methods pushed by the Obama Administration are continuing to show failure as math scores hit a record 20-year low and show no signs of improving.

Last year, Tennessee spent 42% of its budget on education. If all this remedial education is needed, that means we are paying for it twice and doing a disservice to our students. I have often thought that if a student gets to college and needs remedial education, the high school from which they graduated should have to provide it for free. I wonder how that would work??

Clearly, in some areas, significant changes need to be made, and soon.

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Bobbie Patray