Fake News or True Story? The Trump family Bible and the amazing story of a Scottish Revival


Editor’s Note: The past few weeks friends have been sending me this link to a story regarding a revival in Scotland. I may get as many as a dozen videos or stories each day and cannot watch or read them all. This particular one caught my attention probably because of the Scottish connection. My mother Patricia was born at the foot of the Edinburgh Castle at what is called, the Grassmarket. The Grassmarket is a historic market place in the Old Town of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Picture of Grassmarket: Patricia Flynn Chance grew up in the building on the left.

The Trump Bible story is very interesting to me, not only due to the Scottish connection but as a Christian believer as well. As a legislator I see many problems facing our country, state and community. In my opinion the only way to improve this country for America,the state of Tennessee and our community to a have a ‘spiritual revival.’