Commentary Dr. Larry Burriss: Early Christmas

Early Christmas Dr. Larry Burriss


Remember back in the good old days, whenever they were, that you knew when the 4th of July was, Labor Day came before Thanksgiving, and Christmas was always in December?

Well, those days are long gone, and if you don’t believe it, just look through the newspaper, television or social media schedules.

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So here we are, before Thanksgiving, and we’re already seeing Christmas stories in the newspaper, we’re seeing Christmas specials on television and we’re seeing internet ads for something called “pre-Christmas sales.”


Of course they’re “pre-Christmas sales.” Anything that happens before Christmas is pre-Christmas. In fact, most people used to do their Christmas shopping “pre-Christmas,” except for a few of us who always put the shopping off until the last possible pre-Christmas minute.
Unfortunately, over the years the advertising and news businesses have been steadily telescoping the holiday calendar.

First, we had Thanksgiving parades, usually accompanied by Santa Claus arriving right on cue, a month early. Then we didn’t see television Christmas specials until the middle of December. Now we have Christmas specials before Thanksgiving.

Of course, some pre-planning is necessary. For example, I’ve already seen lots of pictures of celebrities choosing angels from Christmas trees to provide gifts for need person.

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And don’t get me started on what appears to be ordinary people picking out gifts for their dogs and cats during the Black Friday, day-after Thanksgiving sales.
So I guess there are some people who just like to start the holiday season as soon as possible. After all, the longer we can celebrate joy and happiness, the better off we’ll all be.
A few years ago, the advertising business developed the “Christmas in July” sale. I guess 4th of July wasn’t enough of a business draw, so the sales had to be hyped with Christmas.

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And I have to confess, I’m a fan of a satellite station that plays old-time radio programs, including Christmas-themed mysteries, murders and mayhem in what it calls “Christmas in July.”
Somehow, I think a “mid-summer’s night sale, or a “mid-summer’s night murder mystery marathon” would be more appropriate names for what is going on. They’re just not as catchy.
I’m Larry Burriss.

Dr. Larry Burriss MTSU
Larry Burriss, a professor in Middle Tennessee State University’s College of Mass Communication and president of the Tennessee Journalism Hall of Fame, welcomes the crowd before the induction ceremonies at the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters conference in Murfreesboro for the Tennessee Journalism Hall of Fame. (MTSU photo by Andrew Oppmann)