Catholic Civil Rights Leader: Washington Post Fails to Mention Its Recent Poll Revealed 78 Percent of Transgender Adults Had Serious Mental Health Problems Growing Up



May 10, 2023 Susan Berry, PhD

Catholic League President Bill Donohue observed Monday that The Washington Post neglected to mention in its news story about its own poll on transgenderism that trans individuals reported a more significant percentage of mental health concerns than all adults surveyed.

Bill Donohue noted that The Post’s “2517-word story, published May 5, covers just about every aspect of the 26-page survey except for the issue of mental health.”

“It is hard to believe this was an oversight,” he wrote in his post.

Respondents to The Post/Kaiser Family Foundation survey were asked survey questions from a leftist perspective, e.g., “gender assigned at birth,” which generally includes the boilerplate statement when it comes to mental health issues and transgender individuals that claims “any mental health problems that trans persons have is a result of discrimination,” as Donohue wrote in his post.

As the poll states, the survey “was conducted November 10 – December 1, 2022, online and by telephone among a nationally representative sample of 515 U.S. adults who identify as trans and another 823 cisgender U.S. adults who do not identify as trans and their gender is the same as their sex assigned at birth.”

In response to a question about whether respondents experienced “serious mental health problems, such as depression or anxiety, while “growing up as a child or teenager,” 32 percent of total adults answered “yes” as opposed to 78 percent of total transgender persons.

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