Bobbie Patray: Students Should Be Recognized for Personal Achievement


You know, sometimes I think these folks just sit around trying to come up with these ridiculous ideas to further negatively impact public education. This seems to be an effort to just “level the playing field” instead of allowing students to be recognized for personal achievement!

New SAT ‘Adversity Score’ Turns American Meritocracy Into a Sham

It would be nice to think that high school students can get into a good university based on their abilities or talents, but a proposed change to the SAT shows how the concept of meritocracy has been turned into a sham. The College Board will now assign an “adversity score” to SAT test takers, “calculated using 15 factors including the crime rate and poverty levels from the student’s high school and neighborhood.”

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Worse, it can be so obviously gamed by both students and schools…

Isn’t There Something Good to Say about the New SAT ‘Adversity Score’ Concept?

The College Board has decided to side with the “progressives” and further undermine the defense of assessing people on their individual capabilities and achievements rather than supposed group disadvantages. The “adversity score” idea won’t help colleges intent on finding reasons for discriminating in favor of certain racial groups (which they already do through “holistic” evaluation of applicants), but is merely an effort at “allyship” with the left.

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Can Americans ‘Handle the Truth’ About Individual Achievement Differences?

Apparently, the people running the College Board don’t believe that we can handle the truth that individual students vary in their academic abilities, and therefore their actual SAT scores must be adjusted (“put in context”) to supposedly reflect the circumstances of the test taker.

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College board president behind SAT ‘adversity score’ was also the mastermind of the controversial K-12 ‘Common Core’ curriculum changes that has children just learning for a test

The man behind the new plan to assign adversity scores to every student who takes the SAT is the same person who championed the controversial Common Core K-12 curriculum standards that remain a point of contention among parents, teachers and political leaders in many states.

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Some people are rightly pointing out that this idea wouldn’t so much help students who’ve faced “adversity”, as much as it would punish students from stable homes and middle class neighborhoods.

Getting into college should be about aptitude. It should be about test scores and grades. It should be about whether students can do the work.

In addition, if unprepared students actually get into college because of their “adversity score” and can’t do the college level work, what then? What if this new “measurement” keeps qualified students out of college? What are their options? What a mess.

Bobbie Patray


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