Bill Maher: “It’s Not Me Who’s Changed, It’s The Left”; They’ve Gone Mental And Made Me A “Hero” To FOX News

  1. Editor’s Note: William Shakespeare wrote in his 1605 play “King Lear”, “Jesters do oft prove prophets.” In today’s crazy times it seems that our comedians have become modern-day philosophers. Comedians like Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr and the late George Carlin have not only made us laugh, but often bring some reality and common sense in an often crazy world. It’s refreshing to see Bill Maher call it like he sees it-“How The Left Was Lost.”

    By Ian Schwartz

HBO host Bill Maher responded to critics that say he makes fun of the left too much, saying they didn’t use to give him this much material to work with. In a monologue titled “How The Left Was Lost,” Maher said Democrats “have become a parody of themselves” and that if people are laughing that means it rings true.

“Let’s get this straight,” Maher said. “It’s not me who’s changed, it is the left. Who is now made up of a small contingent who’ve gone mental and a large contingent to refuse to call them out for it. But I will. That’s why I’m a hero at FOX these days. Which shows just how much liberals have had their head up their ass because if they really thought about it they would have made me a hero on their media. But that can’t happen in this ridiculous new era of mind-numbing partisanship where if I keep it real about the nonsense in the Democratic party it makes me an instant hero to Republicans.”


“People sometimes say to me, ‘You didn’t used to make fun of the left as much.’ Yeah, because they didn’t give me so much to work with,” Maher said. “The oath of office I took was to comedy. And if you do goofy shit, wherever you are on the spectrum, I’m going to make fun of you because that is where the gold is. And the fact that they is laughing at it should tell you something: it rings true.”

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