April Mullins Smith’s Personal Experience of a Confederate Soldier Ghost

The “X” is where April’s home sites. Notice it’s just yards from the Stone’s River National Battlefield Visitor Center.

Publisher’s Note: I recently posted on my Facebook page requesting local ghost stories. I knew I didn’t have to go far to find a few. Below is a story that April Mullins Smith sent me. April lives on the site where The Battle of Stone River was fought.  The Stones River National Battlefield, located three miles northwest of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is administered
by the National Park Service.

A driving tour, walking trails, museum, bookstore and living history events are offered from the Visitor Center. Much of Fortress Rosecrans, a major Union logistics base, has been preserved in town. More than 6,100 Union soldiers are buried in Stones River National Cemetery. Of these, 2,562 are unknown. Some Confederate dead are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Murfreesboro.

The Stones River Battlefield ‘Friendly’ Confederate Soldier Ghost

I can tell you all you want to know about our ghost.
He is 26 and his name is Albert. He was a Confederate soldier.
His family had a farm near here and he died during the battle RIGHT HERE
He likes my dogs (came out during all the investigation).
He didn’t want to scare me only wanted to interact.
He pushed a chair away from the table in the kitchen one time and on the video of the investigation when asked he replies “JUST A LITTLE.”
I’m no longer scared of him because he leaves me alone and knows the rules I gave him and he respects them.

When the house burned down I would come over here and tell him that we were coming home again.
When the house was being rebuilt Confederate SoldierI asked the framers one time if they ever heard anything and at first they thought I was crazy, but then admitted that they would hear things moving around in the house while they were taking a break.🤣 I told them it was Albert and he was ok! Haha!

See Video link below.


April Smith