WGNS’ New Smyrna / La Vergne Powerful Signal Off 7:30AM – 2:00PM Thursday

WGNS Radio Rutherford Magazine new WGNS Radio antenna

Editor’s Note: WGNS New Powerful Antenna Installed

Folks in the Smyrna and LaVergne area of north Rutherford County will be getting a much more powerful radio signal with the new WGNS Radio antenna in Smyrna. The antenna will help spread more good news by ‘The Good Neighbor Station.’

Good news from record road projects, Sam Ridley widening project, Motlow’s latest $30 million expansion, $40 million dollar Smyrna/Nissan TCAT—Tennessee College of Applied Technology, $65 million Jefferson Pike widening project and future improvements of Almaville Road exit improvements and future widening to I-840 (Yes, I’m somewhat biased—Just Sayin’).

I was speaking to WGNS owner Bart Walker, Bryan Barrett and Scott Walker last week about this new antenna. Bart asked, “Why does everyone want to know the location?” I responded, “I’m curious where the new antenna was being located and didn’t want to get the location wrong since a few people have asked about it.” Bryan had told me the location on the large hill on the west side of I-24 and north of Rush Trucking. The D.B. Beers Map of 1878 shows it as, ‘Signal Hill’ during the civil war. Rutherford County Property Assessor Rob Mitchell and County Commissioner Joe Gourley call it Sanford Knob Hill (Knob Hill may be the modern-day version).

I often listen to the station from Nashville on my way to and from the Tennessee State Capitol listening to the Dave Ramsey Show and The Truman Show.

I’m excited for our listeners who tune into The Rutherford Magazine Show heard on Sunday evenings between 5-6pm via 100.5 FM. Our December 19th Sunday show will host guests; Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, the former WWE wrestler Kane is the chairman of Tennessee’s U.S. Term Limits and Aaron Duckette, Central Regional Director with U.S. Term Limits, along with Rep. Chris Todd will be discussing U.S. Term Limits. Mayor Jacobs says, “Congressional Term Limits is something we can all get behind.”



(SMYRNA, TN) WGNS’ powerful new signal that serves both Smyrna and La Vergne will be off for several hours Thursday (12/9/2021) while Middle Tennessee Electric installs new utility poles and power lines leading to the tower site. Officials estimate that the work will begin around 7:30AM Thursday morning, and that is when the new and strong signal for the northern end of the county will go off for only a few hours.

The Yard Sale Store Smyrna
The Yard Sale Store in Smyrna recently moved into their new location at the former Crosslin Supply Store


MTE officials hope to have the new poles and lines installed by around 2:00PM in the afternoon, and the strong signal will come back on-the-air in Smyrna and La Vergne. 

Danny Tolleson Turner Security Smyrna

Remember, starting January 1, 2022, WGNS’ listeners in Murfreesboro need to tune to 101.9 mHz FM, and Smyrna / La Vergne listeners will need to tune to 100.5 mHz FM.

Of course, the original 1450AM which signal celebrates its 75th anniversary on that day, will continue to serve the community as it did three-quarters of a century earlier (1/1/1947). 


Once again, WGNS new powerful FM signal that now serves both Smyrna and La Vergne will be off the air temporarily in the northern end of Rutherford County on Thursday (12/9/2021) while Middle Tennessee Electric installs new utility poles and power lines. The outage period is expected to begin around 7:30AM and be off until approximately 2:00PM.