Unveiling the Haunting History: Sam Davis Home’s Annual Ghost Tours in Smyrna



Nestled in the heart of Smyrna, Tennessee, the Sam Davis Home and Museum is a place where history comes alive. With its stately antebellum mansion and sprawling grounds, this historic site has a story to tell. Each year, as the autumn nights grow longer and the leaves rustle in the wind, the Sam Davis Home hosts a series of spine-tingling events that bring the past to life in a uniquely eerie way—their annual Ghost Tours.

A Glimpse into the Past: Sam Davis and His Home

Before we delve into the world of ghostly encounters, it’s essential to understand the historical significance of the Sam Davis Home. The mansion was once the residence of Sam Davis, a young Confederate scout during the American Civil War. Davis’s unwavering dedication to his cause and the tragic events that unfolded in this very home make it an ideal setting for ghostly tales.




The Annual Ghost Tours: A Chilling Experience

Each year, as the fall season sets in, the Sam Davis Home opens its doors for a series of Ghost Tours. These tours offer visitors a chance to explore the historic mansion and surrounding grounds after dark, under the cover of night. The dimly lit rooms and winding corridors create an atmosphere that is perfect for ghostly encounters and eerie tales.

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October 13-14 and 20-21
Ghost Tours
6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
The site will only be open from
6-10 p.m. on Ghost Tour dates. This is the most popular event of the year! Bring the whole family for some spooky fun! Jump on the hayride to begin your spooky tour, then enter the historic house after dark and hear about some of the creepy encounters that have taken place over the years. The house is set for a funeral to explore Victorian
mourning customs and traditions.
Last tour begins at 9:00 p.m.
Regular Admission Rates.
No advance ticketing.

Historian Marty Luffman

”We were closing up after the Days on the Farm. Mrs Beverly ask me to go make sure all the fires were out and tell folks to pack it up. Only one person dressed in civil war clothes was walking across the field from house to the barn.
I hollered at him. He just kept walking to the barn.he went in without opening the door. Ok this is weird.  I went in but he was gone. That’s when I found the carriage.  I got permission to restore it.  I found out later a few other folks had seen the same ghost”

~ Historian Marty Luffman

As you traverse the mansion’s rooms and hear stories of the past, you may catch glimpses of shadowy figures, hear faint whispers, or feel the presence of restless spirits. The guides, well-versed in the history and folklore of the home, provide a riveting narrative that adds depth to the experience. The heart wrenching story of Sam Davis’s sacrifice, the anguish of the Civil War, and the mysteries that have lingered within these walls for generations.

The Haunting Legacy of Sam Davis Home:

The Sam Davis Home’s annual Ghost Tours offer a unique blend of history, folklore, and spine-tingling thrills. Beyond the ghostly encounters, these tours shed light on the struggles and sacrifices of the past. They provide an opportunity to reflect on the enduring legacy of Sam Davis and his family.

For those seeking a thrilling yet educational experience, the Ghost Tours at Sam Davis Home in Smyrna offer an unforgettable journey through time. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a paranormal buff, or simply looking for a memorable adventure, these tours provide a hauntingly good time. Just remember to keep an open mind, as you may find yourself in the company of spirits from a bygone era, sharing their stories and secrets under the cover of night.