Undefeated boxer Musa Askan Yamak collapses and dies in the middle of the ring



Undefeated boxer Musa Askan Yamak collapsed and died in the middle of the ring during a fight in Munich on Sunday.

He was in the middle of a fight against Ugandan veteran Hamza Wandera when he collapsed at the start of the third round. The 38-year-old died of a heart attack, according to a Turkish official Hasan Turan who posted about the incident on Twitter.

*The German fighter was undefeated and had an 8-0 record that boasted eight knockouts.

*The Turkish-born Yamak turned pro in 2017 but gained popularity after winning the WBFed International title in 2021.

“We lost our compatriot Musa Askan Yamak, a boxer from Alucra, who won European and Asian championships, at a young age after a heart attack. I wish God’s mercy on the deceased, whom we met at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey when he came to Ankara for the competition, and my condolences to his sad family and fans,” Turan’s post read.

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According to the Sun, the video of the incident shows that Yamak taking a big hit from Wandera in the second round which wobbled him.

He was able to sit down on his stool at the end of the round but collapsed as he walked out one minute later. He was then rushed to a local hospital, but was declared dead of a heart attack on arrival.

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