Tiffany Boyd: Where Are the Men? Men Must Step Up and Support Your Household and Support Educating Your Children

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I recently posed that question on my Free YOUR Children social media platform. The fight to save the souls of our nation’s children seems to have been delegated and is predominantly being led by women. Several nationally recognized groups come to mind that have been founded and are led by women.

Mothers are designed by God to be nurturers. By design, they protect and nurture their offspring. Now, many of them have taken up the cross to protect our nation’s children from indoctrination in government schools. Women have entered the battlefield, but where are the men?

Often pastors, predominantly men, refuse to address the topic of government schools from the pulpit; I have written about that previously.

Did you know that the number one question I receive in regard to homeschooling is “What is a mother to do when their husband will not allow them to home-school?”

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Why do husbands not want their wives teaching and discipling their children? The number one reason is financial. A recent comment circulating in a social media group read as follows: “My husband resents that we home-school because I can’t work and provide an income for our family.”

Mothers are desperately seeking advice on how to convince their husbands that their most important work is raising and discipling the children that God has given them. Some reading this may be saying, “there is nothing wrong with women working.” That is not the point of this piece. The message I am conveying is this: it is not the responsibility of the government to be a surrogate parent.

If Christian parents are using government schools as free childcare while they work, you are abdicating your parental and biblical responsibility to the government. You are handing them off to a system that will not be instilling a biblical worldview in your children. Instead, they will be teaching your children that Christianity is a lie. Biblically, parents are mandated to disciple and teach their own children. Whomever your children are spending the most time with is who is discipling and teaching them.

In 1 Timothy 5:8, Paul is speaking to the men of the church when he says to them, “But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of their own household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

Christian men, it is your responsibility to financially provide for your families. You are blessed if you have been given a helpmeet who desires to disciple and teach your children while you fulfill your biblical role of providing for your families.

The church needs to encourage husbands to support their wives in the area of biblical education and not be a stumbling block. It is the biblical responsibility of the husband and the father to be the spiritual leader in the home.

Government schools are not neutral. They teach a religion that is the antithesis of scriptural truth. The majority of Christians are sending their children to be discipled in humanism. Churches need to encourage fathers to understand the importance of what the Bible says about their role as a husband and father. Pastors must preach the whole counsel of God. They must equip and encourage the men. Ephesians 4:12 states that the role of the church is to equip the saints (the parents) to disciple their children. Churches must be bold enough to teach biblical truth. If the men do not rise up, the church and Christianity will die. Where are the men?

The Free YOUR Children radio show, which airs every Thursday night at 8 p.m. Central, has launched a series of shows dedicated to encouraging husbands and fathers in the area of family discipleship and biblical education. We are digging deep into how the church has missed the mark and the need for committed Christian men to take up the cross. Stream the show at

Now more than ever, Christians need to come together to fight this battle. The casualties of losing are the souls of our children.

God’s word tells us: “For where our treasures lie, is where our hearts will be.” Matthew 6:21.

And 1 John 2:7 tells us, “And the world passeth away and the lust thereof, but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever.”

We must decide which side of the battle we are on and we must be bold enough to go to battle. Christian men, we need you.

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Tiffany Boyd is the founder of Free YOUR Children, a homeschool advocate, consultant, speaker and the founder and administrator of Middle Tennessee Christian Homeschool Connection. Tiffany BoydShe holds a B.S. degree in interdisciplinary studies from MTSU. She is a wife of 30 years and mother to five children, grandmother to two. She is a former tenured public school teacher. She and her husband have home educated for 18 years. Contact her at