Theft Alert: Guns Snatched from Metro Police SUVs in Break-Ins



Two Metro police officers have fallen victim to the unfortunate theft of firearms from their marked MNPD SUVs in two separate incidents that occurred during the early hours of a Friday morning.

Accoridng to WTVF Channel 5 news, the initial incident took place at 2:30 a.m. on Massman Drive in close proximity to the airport. In this case, an officer’s patrol rifle, helmet, and ballistic plates, all stored within a bag, were pilfered after an individual shattered a window to gain access to the vehicle. The officer’s SUV had been parked outside their apartment at the time.


The second occurrence unfolded just two hours later, at 4:30 a.m., near Rice Road, adjacent to Bell Road in Antioch. During this incident, the thief once again broke a window to enter the vehicle, making off with the officer’s shotgun and riot gear.

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The department has revealed that in both cases, the firearms were not securely stored, prompting an urgent reminder to all personnel within the department about the critical importance of keeping firearms properly secured.

Internal investigations have been initiated to address the thefts, as well as efforts to recover the stolen equipment and identify those responsible for the incidents.