The States Americans Are Leaving (Just ask ICEE, Smith & Wesson, Berreta and More)


Editor’s Note:
If you drive the streets of Middle Tennessee there’s no doubt you will see license plates from Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, California—just to name a few. Companies like Amazon, Berreta, Smith & Wesson, ICEE (to La Vergne) and many others are fleeing those states.
I can’t blame them—Americans are moving in droves to seek a better life. I will admit that, “I miss the ‘Good Ol’ Days.”
But when I stop and really think back to the ‘Good Ol’ Days’ they really weren’t so good. I recall as a young man at 15 catching rides to Morrisons Cafeteria to work the weekends for $3.50 an hour and at the age of 18 attending Nashville State Technical College and working at Thrifty Rent-A-Car for $3.65 an hour washing cars and driving their limo to pick up customers. There weren’t many jobs in Smyrna back in the ‘Good Ol’ Days.’
I share the editor’s note to remind folks that, in my opinion, we take our prosperity for granted.

The States Americans Are Fleeing (& Where They’re Going)

They’re the places where moving vans most often take residents out of state.


Moving is a drag. You have to leave your friends, say goodbye to favorite cafes and spend hours swaddling your dishware in bubble wrap.

Smith & Wesson relocates to Tennessee after 165 years due to changing business climate for firearms manufacturing in Massachusetts

Even so, Americans are moving in droves to seek a better life.

2020 Migration Trends: U-Haul Ranks 50 States by Migration Growth

Every year, moving company United Van Lines releases data on the number of people joining or leaving each state, other than Hawaii and Alaska. In United’s 2021 report — based on last year’s moves — work is the No. 1 reason to leave, with 40% of those moving doing so to pursue exciting new employment opportunities.

The Yard Sale Store is now located at the former Crosslin Supply.

However, in a year darkened by the coronavirus pandemic, a significant number of moves were motivated by family, as well; more than one in four Americans relocated to be closer to their relatives.

Here are the states Americans are fleeing the fastest, as well as the new places they’re calling home:


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