Legislation will offer Tennessee schools 10 days for virtual learning each year says, Rep. Jeremy Faison



The new legislation could give Tennessee schools 10 days for virtual learning each year


Two Republican lawmakers have filed a new bill that would potentially allow schools to choose virtual or remote learning in the case of severe weather or outbreaks of serious illness. According to The Tennessee Conservative News, the lawmakers are aiming to return those powers to local districts instead of leaving them in the hands of the state.

Rep. Jeremy Faison

House Bill 1912 was filed by Representative Jeremy Faison (R-Cosby-District 11). The bill would allow schools to count up to 10 days of remote instruction towards the state’s requirement of a 180-day school year. The sister bill in the Senate (SB1887) is sponsored by Senator Steve Southerland (R-Morristown).


”This is a great piece of legislation. This is giving your superintendent the ability to suspend school for a day or for a group of classrooms and puts in back in local control.” Rep. Jeremy Faison

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