The Biggest Challenge to Growing as a Leader Is Ego. Here’s 5 Tips To Keep Yours in Check

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One of the most common challenges for growing leaders is their ego. Here are five traps to avoid if you want to achieve ongoing success.

“Growing in leadership should increase the number of meaningful relationships we have. If you find it lonely at the top you may be a dictator rather than a leader.” ~ Dan Miller, 48 Days

One of the most common problems I see with companies that have had a strong run of growth and success, is the mindset of the leadership team. Young teams who have done well will often become headstrong and overconfident. And while it’s critical to have a strong, healthy ego, an overdeveloped ego can quickly limit the growth of the leadership team and the company overall. 

Healthy egos are confident and act decisively because they know what is needed to be an effective leader. They also know that their power doesn’t come from the fact that they are always right or have expansive power over outcomes. Rather they have a good awareness about their natural limitations of their knowledge and influence and know how to act accordingly.

When assessing a leader’s ego, I look for some common thinking traps that tell me they may have an overdeveloped sense of self and their power that will limit their future growth. Here are some of the most common, so you can look at your own thinking and see if you might need to readjust your perspective to reach the next level.

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