Texas man uses Apple AirTag to track down person who stole his truck, then kills him: police

apple air pods tracking device


San Antonio police are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred at a shopping center on the city’s southeast side. The incident took place on Wednesday after the owner of a truck reported it stolen from their home in north San Antonio at around 1 pm. The truck’s owner then used an Apple AirTag to locate the vehicle, which led them to the shopping center, approximately 20 miles from where it was initially stolen.


According to reports, the owner of the truck took matters into their own hands and confronted the alleged thief at the shopping center. The suspect was unaware that the truck was being tracked, and the confrontation escalated into a shooting, resulting in the alleged thief’s death.

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Police are now investigating the incident and trying to determine if the suspect was armed. They are also cautioning victims of similar crimes not to take matters into their own hands and pursue suspects. SAPD’s Nick Soliz advised, “If your vehicle is stolen, please do not take matters into your own hands like this. It’s never safe, as you can see by this incident.”

At the scene of the shooting, evidence markers covered several bullet casings, and two vehicles in the parking lot had their windows shot out. The police have not yet announced whether charges will be filed against the shooter.