Tennessee Democrats Re-Elect Mary Mancini as State Chairwoman


Tennessee Democrats voted overwhelmingly to retain Mary Mancini

Tennessee Democrats voted overwhelmingly Saturday to retain Mary Mancini as the party’s chairwoman over several challengers. Mancini won another two year term as Tennessee’s Democratic Party State Chairwoman.

Although democrats has suffered many election defeats, Mancini still received 48 votes while Holly McCall received just 19, the Associated Press reported. A third candidate, M. LaTroy Alexandria-Williams of Memphis, finished a distant third place with two votes. Christopher J. Hale, another candidate of Murfreesboro, withdrew from the contest before the vote was taken.

Mancini promises TNDP’s best two years yet

Mancini, a far-left activist from Nashville, told her fellow Democrats that she would work hard to ensure Democrats are “all together, we’re all moving in the right direction, everyone is heard and everyone is understood.”

“We will have the best two years of the Tennessee Democratic Party in its history,” Mancini said.

Holly McCall had support from much younger Democrats. McCall had support from the Tennessee Democratic House Caucus, Tennessee AFL-CIO and dozens of Democratic campaign staffers from the 2018 election cycle. McCall had won multiple straw polls, including one from the Davidson County Democratic Party, where Mancini’s is from.

McCall said those endorsements spoke to her ability to unite the party.

“Those of you who know me know I’m a relentless fighter,” she said.

“Now is the time for all of us to come together,” Mancini said after being re-elected. “And I know we will do that.