Super Bowl: Dr. Larry Burriss


   OK, the teams for the Super Bowl are set, and it’s time for some serious game prep. You just know all those people involved in the coaches show, the pre-game show, the half-time show, the post-game show and the coaches post-game show are getting themselves ready.
But you know what, I’ll bet there are some people out there who won’t watch the game at all. And in a way I feel sorry for these folks. Because they’re afraid they won’t have anything to talk about in the office the day after the game.

But not to fear, because for all of you non-fans I have a few handy hints to get you prepped for all of the Monday morning quarterbacks who just know that triple-right-reverse-slant-blue 68 in the third quarter should have gone the other way.
And fortunately, you still have a few days to prepare, just like the professionals.
Here’s what you do: sometime during the Monday after the game, walk up to the biggest football fan in the office. He, or she, will probably have a group of similar fans around them. But don’t worry; over the next few minutes you’ll be able to convince everyone you know everything there is to know about football, even if you don’t know the difference between a punter
and a petunia.


So, walk up to the group, and before anyone says anything to you, blurt out, “wasn’t that a great effort they made there in the 4th quarter?” Immediately everyone will start to talk about all the plays they can think of. And all you have to say is, “Yeah, but it worked better in the playoffs.”
The beauty here is you don’t have to know a thing. It will just sound like you do. But remember, don’t say too much, or you’ll give yourself away. Because, fortunately, not too much happens after the 5th inning of the Super Bowl anyway.
I’m Larry Burriss