Steven K. Bannon on His Arrest: It’s a Total Political Hit Job and We Intend to Fight Back Hard



Live from Virginia Friday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed War Room Pandemic host Steven K. Bannon to the show.

During the show, Bannon explained his recent indictment charging him with taking money from the We Build the Wall fund. He added that he is creating a legal team that will prove this was politically motivated because he is a supporter of Trump and promised that he won’t back down and that the truth will come out.

Fredericks: This is the first interview with Steven K. Bannon since he was arrested a few weeks ago. And he is joining us now. Steven K. Bannon, thank you for being with us today Steve.

Bannon: And John thank you for getting through that mob last night and getting back safe and sound so you can have your show this morning.

Fredericks: I know.

Bannon: We’re going to get into that in our 10 o’clock show in detail.

Fredericks: That was shameful. I saw him last night on several occasions. The people that were not going back on the busses that brought you in like me, I was going on the other side of town and by the Capitol and by the embassy there. So I was going back there but there were others trying to get to their hotels were petrified.

There was one woman that I literally had to escort back. She was the committeewoman from Arizona and she was staying at The Willard I think two blocks away. She couldn’t get from 17th Street to The Willard. She was petrified from Arizona. So I and a couple of guys that were there walked her back.

Steve look, I have to start before we get into Trump or anything else. I have to start with your indictment. I want you to tell me what’s the deal with this indictment for We Build the Wall. I’ve been to the wall. I’ve seen it and touched it so I know its real. You got arrested. You read the indictment. It’s pretty damming. What is going on here with this indictment Steve?

Bannon: It’s a total political hit job. It’s to shut up myself, Brian Kolfage and anybody that deals with the wall are under pure political intimidation. It’s not going to shut me up. It’s certainly not going to shut Kolfage up. It’s complete nonsense.

You’ve been down there. I think you came for the symposium we had the first leg of the wall. You saw the quality of what we did. You saw where the money went. Not one penny was taken by anybody personally. It is complete nonsense. It will all come out over time.

I’ll tell ya, they are not going to shut us up. They are trying to criminalize the wall and anybody that supports President Trump on these issues. They’ve gone after the NRA. They’ve gone after Falwell. They’re going after me. They going after everybody. I’m not going to be intimated, John.

The facts will come out over time. I’m creating a great legal team. We’re adding more people to it. Adding a communications aspect to it. We’re going to fight back and Kolfage is fighting back hard. It’s outrageous. Totally outrageous. Completely untrue. And we’re going to punch back hard.

Fredericks: Do you believe you will be exonerated, Steve?

Bannon: 100 percent. I think the government will drop this case. We are putting a legal team together. We are going to punch back hard. This is complete nonsense. It’s a political hit job. It’s to intimidate Trump supporters. You see what they are doing across the border with Chinese lawfare. The Chinese lawfare with the NRA. Any organization or anybody they are trying to intimidate donors from giving.

And intimate organizations. We are not the first and we are certainly not going to be the last. I just hope people buckle in. We are not backing down an inch. We are certainly not going to back down an inch in these next 60 days. The timing of this thing is they timed it almost to the day four years ago when I took over the campaign. They wanted to make sure I could get no involvement in assisting President Trump. It’s not going to work.

We are going to be all over this. I’m doing these group calls with Republicans all over the nation starting this weekend. Arizona is now a battleground state. And Arizona has to be won. And the issue in Arizona is going to be the wall and it’s going to be immigration. I’m not going to stop talking about it. I’m not going to stop talking about the southern border wall.

I’m not going to stop talking about immigration. And you can see it on the show every day on War Room Pandemic. We are not backing off the CCP and we are not backing off this cultural revolution. You saw last night. How can people go to the White House and see the end of a convention speech for the President of the United States have all these dignitaries there and then people can’t leave the White House and they are insulted and spit on. You said I didn’t have it bad. I was spat on. I was jostled. I got through it because I’m a guy that 6’2 and 265 pounds. Right?

Fredericks: That’s exactly it, Steve.

Bannon: You were pulling guard. But the committeewoman from Arizona was terrified and had to get a male group of escorts to get her back to her hotel which is what 200 yards away from the White House? Rand Paul was right across the street from the Treasury Department. I’m not going to be intimidated. I’m a honey badger. I’m never going to back down.

I fight for the populist-nationalist cause every day. I’m a huge supporter of President Trump and his program. And here’s the thing. You’ve seen the sea change. This is why people are going to get more vicious. In the last week to 10 days, you are starting to see a sea change. President with his action, action, action. And Joe Biden last week with this kind of orange man bad. No real policies. Embracing the violence and embracing the chaos.

And I think Ronna McDaniel and Jason Miller I think put on a flawless convention. Absolutely flawless. I think you are seeing the change. I think you’ll see the numbers not just tighten, I think it will be a dead heat by this weekend. If this is a dead heat then this becomes a turnout election.

And you see the lack of enthusiasm on Biden’s side. You see the problem with the Black males not being excited about Biden and turnout. And if we can get the deplorables to turnout. I got to tell you if we get closer in the suburbs, President Trump is going to win here. I think the victory is within his grasp. We’ve got to be focused and it’s all about turnout right now.

Fredericks: He’s got a lot of momentum going for him right now. His speech last night was fabulous. My final question on this indictment that you have so we can get into the future here. You are convinced that the government is going to end up dropping this case. Is that what I’ve heard?

Bannon: Yes. Absolutely. I think once we get to the facts and the facts fully get out here and my legal team is able to get to the facts I think the government is going to drop this case. This is outrageous. This is purely a political hit. I said it from the very beginning.

This is a political hit in what 70 days before an election to shut up one of his biggest supporters and somebody that speaks to a certain segment of his support. I’m tripling down on getting out there and supporting the president. Now with COVID, with the CCP virus, you have to do it in a different way. But we are setting up those mechanisms right now. So now we intend to fight this and fight it hard. These charges are absolutely totally nonsense.

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Friday on The John Fredericks Show, host Fredericks welcomed War Room’s Steven K. Bannon to talk about his recent arrest and his plans to fight back.
The article Steven K. Bannon on His Arrest: It’s a Total Political Hit Job and We Intend to Fight Back Hard appeared first on Tennessee Star.