Smyrna: New Carpe Artista Academy Opens-Offers Art Classes to Community


SMYRNA — The new Carpe Artista Academy opened at the corner of Hazelwood Drive in Smyrna opened in January.

Kelly Beam, Vice President of Membership with the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce, Susan Gulley Director of cultural and heritage tourism and Ron Alley Carpe Artista Founder/CEO

Ron Alley, Susan Gulley and the board and volunteers of Carpe Artista Arts Academy hosted a ribbon cutting this afternoon.


The new center of Carpe Artista Arts Academy has been a dream of Ron Alley for more than nine years. Much prayer and work went into building the 14 rooms that will allow art education for 1,200-1,400 students of all ages each week.

Says, Ron Alley, “The arts contribute more than $31 million to the economy of Rutherford County each year.”

Carpe Artista Arts Academy shares the goal of promoting a positive culture globally by developing arts communities and creatives locally.

Christ Community Church, led by Pastor Bryan Bratcher located at 1334 Hazelwood Dr. Smyrna,Tn. Worship Sundays @ 9am & 11am 1334 Hazelwood Dr, Smyrna, TN

Carpe Artista is a nonprofit. It’s mission is to build the arts in Rutherford County and beyond.

The nonprofit bought the new space last year to make all their offerings available at one central location. The existing layout of more than a dozen rooms was a bonus.

“It’s already 14 different studios. It was just perfect for our academy and providing private instruction and class instruction in the arts for our community because there is not really anything else here,” said Ron Alley.

The academy can accommodate up to 1400 students a week at the new location.

Carpe Artista’s has a new project which is a music and galley venue on Front Street in Smyrna.

To volunteer or donate contact Ron Alley at