Show Me the Money! Over $1.2 billion in Tennessee Unclaimed Property!


Show Me The Money!

Each year millions of dollars are turned over to the State Treasurer’s Office by businesses who are unable to contact property owners. These funds may be in the form of cash, stocks, bonds, securities, insurance benefits, etc.

The Tennessee Treasurer’s site allows you to search the State Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property Database to determine if we may be holding unclaimed assets belonging to you or your family or business.

Unclaimed assets are reported in the name or Social Security number of the owner(s) along with any owner information (if available).
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The Treasurer’s office will periodically update this database to include new names reported and to remove those which have completed the claim process and have been returned to its rightful owner(s).
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Last fiscal year, the division returned 50,345 claims, totaling $57.6 million, to the rightful owners. There is currently over $1.2 billion waiting to be claimed in Tennessee.

Unclaimed property is money turned over to the state by businesses and organizations that were unable to locate the rightful owner. The Unclaimed Property Division is a consumer protection program of the State Treasury that works to reunite the millions of missing dollars turned over every year with its rightful owners.

The Treasury Department utilizes various methods to locate owners of unclaimed property, including mailing letters to the address provided when the property was turned over from the business (holder), and sending letters to employers of potential claimants whose Social Security Number has been matched with records from the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. On average, the Unclaimed Property Division sends hundreds of thousands of letters each year to potential claimants. If you have received a letter, you can verify the information by visiting

There is never a fee to claim your missing money in Tennessee, nor is there a timeframe to claim. Anyone can see if they are owed any missing money by searching their name at, and may file a claim online if they find unclaimed property belonging to them.

The online database contains all unclaimed property in Tennessee dating to the beginning of the program. Treasury recommends searching for common misspellings of your name and addresses as well, as that may be why the business was unable to return the money to you initially. Our website also includes a link to help you search for missing money in other states.