Return Of An Icon — The 2024 Chevelle 70/SS Is Here



The idea of bringing back an iconic name in the automotive industry always conjures images of grandeur. Renderings run rampant with modern twists, updated drivetrains, and state-of-the-art suspension. When discussing the titans of the muscle-car era, I think most would agree that the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS is right in the thick of it, in terms of iconic cars that changed the way we looked at motorized transportation. Sadly, the Chevelle name has been gone for 45 years now. But, thanks to Trans Am Worldwide, the Chevelle is making a big return in 2024 as the 70/SS.


The 2024 70/SS is offered in a number of colors with numerous upgrades and options.

Knowing A Thing Or Two About Retro

Trans Am Worldwide currently builds, you guessed it, Trans Ams. However, they build their interpretation of what the Trans Am would be today had Pontiac not been shuttered by The General. To broaden their horizons, they have designed and built from the ground up, a car that they believe will live up to the Chevelle name. Badged as the 70/SS, Trans Am Worldwide took styling cues from the original 1970 model while at the same time putting their modern interpretations on it.



Starting with a new sixth-gen Camaro as the foundation, the designers completely changed every part of the exterior. The only untouched area was the windshield. As you can see, every body panel has been reshaped to pay homage to the classic ’70 Chevelle Super Sport. They even stretched the car’s rear with new quarter panels, deck lid, and bumper. The interior remains mostly Camaro. However, the 70/SS does receive retro-styled seats and carpet. The 70/SS badging and Hurst cue ball shift knob are also nice touches.

Almost nothing remains of the Camaro that serves as the foundation and starting point for the 70/SS. The windshield is the only exterior part that isn’t changed.

No Skimping On Power

If you are going to build a car to bring back the Chevelle, it had better not be short on horsepower. The 70/SS does an excellent job in this department. You can order the car with one of three powerplant options. The base engine is the 450-horsepower LT1 that comes in the Camaro. If you want more power and excitement, a 396 cubic-inch LT engine producing 900 horsepower can be installed. If you are anything like us and want to go all in, the 70/SS can be had with a 454 cubic-inch LS6/X packing twin turbochargers. The top-tier offering makes a tire-frying 1,500 horsepower.

The 70/SS can be ordered with a supercharged LT engine making 900 horsepower or even a twin-turbo 454 cubic-inch LS6/X that produces 1500 horsepower. Manual transmissions are also an option.

The 70/SS is offered in both manual and automatic transmission versions, and there are suspension upgrades as well. Just check the box for the optional removable hard top for those wanting the look of a coupe. Eight heritage colors are available, as well as ten modern metallic and pearl hues to choose from. You can even pick your own custom color if that’s your thing. Additional options include wheel and tire packages, custom graphics, exposed carbon fiber, and brake upgrades.

Wheel and tire packages and brake upgrades are just a couple of the myriad of options to choose from when ordering your own 70/SS.

We can’t wait to see the 70/SS in the real world pounding the streets. If you’re interested in ordering one, you might want to hurry, as there will only be 25 examples of the 70/SS with the LS6/X engine package produced.



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