No substitute for in-person connections and collaboration | Expert column


AUG 03, 2021

In a time when virtual conference calls, emails, texts and social media have dominated our personal and professional lives over the past 18 months, there is simply no substitute for in-person connections and collaboration.

The Hampton Roads Chamber takes great pride in being a regional collaborator, and the transition back to in-person events, programs and networking is a vital step in moving the business community and the region forward. The importance and value of business networking cannot be underestimated even in today’s ever-changing world.

Business networking is a skill necessary at all levels of business growth for both individuals and companies alike. A professional’s ability to effectively communicate begins with the first interview, throughout career advancement, and continues through senior executive leadership. While the ability to connect via the written word will always play an important role for any professional, it still accounts for a small percentage of a person’s perception of any given professional. Verbal cues, facial expressions and even a simple handshake makes up the largest percentage of influence in a person’s view of another individual. Those cues simply can’t be matched on an email, video or telephone call.

As we all transition back to in-person networking and business development efforts at the chamber, industry association events, and one-on-one meetings, keep these key points in mind to better position you and your business for future success.

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