Nautical Fails That Prove Not Everyone Should Operate A Boat



When it comes to operating a boat, it is not the same thing as driving a car. The water alone can cause mishaps if you don’t know how to navigate the current correctly. Some of these people couldn’t even get to the water because their boat toppled off the trailer while they were still on the road! From sunken boats to yacht fires and collisions, these fails go to show that driving a boat isn’t all sunshine and mist rainbows.

Buried In The Sand

Remember as a kid when you would lose something to the sea and hope it’d wash back up on the shore? This is like that, only the thing lost isn’t a toy or a boogie-board, it’s a boat.




We can just imagine the owner of this boat being out on the sea and suddenly having to evacuate. Perhaps it toppled over, leaving the riders in life-jackets out in the water as they watched the current yank their boat back to shore.

Not The Best Parking Job

We’re no boating experts, but this certainly isn’t the way you park at the marina. Perhaps they hit something that caused a leak, resulting in the boat tipping to its side. For all we know, the photo could have been taken as the boat was sinking.


You’ve got to love the guy in the background just standing there and watching. At some point, you’ve got to accept that there’s nothing to be done until help arrives.

Stuck In The Mud

There’s nothing like gliding along the smooth water, and then suddenly coming to an abrupt stop because you’re in the middle of a mud mound. Talk about destroying a lovely ride.




The Driver In Training

We can’t imagine how someone could have driven their boat directly into another yacht. The crash was so perfect that both boats are perpendicular to one another! It’s as though the collision was planned.

It is overtly clear which boat was responsible since the blue yacht to the right is tied to a dock. That means the driver had to head straight toward the stationary boat and continue full speed ahead without a trace of caution.

The best part is how this man is holding up a fishing pole. We’re pretty sure you won’t find fish swimming around in that thick mud. If you thought getting a car out of the mud was a challenge, just imagine trying to do so with a boat!


Straight Into The Building

This boat was going so fast that it managed to skid across the sand and straight into a building! It reminds us of a car that was in drive instead of reverse, flying forward and into the wall it was parked in front of.

The most comical part is how unsure all of the men look. You have one guy scratching his head, three men standing around talking, and one guy standing in the boat with his hands in his pockets.


Heading Toward The Highway

This boat nearly made it out of the water and up onto a highway! It’s amazing that its nose didn’t crash into the rocks. Instead, the entire craft skidded up and onto the rocky slope so that the nose is pressed against the highway guard rail.

With a boat going that fast, we have to wonder how far it would have made it if there was no guard rail. We typically think of those rails as protecting cars from going into the water, but in this case, it was a boat protected from the street.


The Boat Didn’t Want To Leave The Water

This guy was trying to bring his boat out of the water with a trailer. Though he was at first successful, the boat’s weight ultimately dominated and it slid right off its carrier.

We love how the guy is sitting there puzzled, just trying to figure out how in the world this happened. It’s clear that he isn’t the most experienced when it comes to hooking up a boat to its trailer. That or the equipment had a serious malfunction.


Straight Into The Rocks

If you’ve ever had a current pull you toward the rocks while swimming, you know it’s not a fun place to be in. That’s why people who are piloting yachts should be particularly careful when it comes to rocky areas.

Still, they have a motor engine to help steer clear of dangerous areas. That’s why this image makes absolutely no sense. What did they do, let the boat steer itself for hours while the passengers blindfolded themselves?

At first glance, you may be wondering how in the world this boat landed on the vegetation several feet above the water. The only logical explanation that we can think of is that someone was recklessly driving when they lost control and the boat flew up and onto this slope.

Just imagine how intense that moment would be when you go from controlling the boat, to the boat controlling you. Hopefully, the thrilling moment was enjoyable while it lasted.


Catch Of The Day

Just another relaxing day on the water! This gentleman appears to have been sitting on the side of the boat and decided to jump off into the water to cool off. However, he didn’t realize that his trousers were caught on the cleat of the boat!

As if the situation weren’t bad enough, someone had a camera to capture the scene before helping free him. You’d expect this from a kid, sure, but not an adult man!

Boats Aren’t Jumping Horses

The driver of this boat must have been a horseback rider, becuase they treated their boat like a jumping horse. Last we checked, a boat doesn’t have the capability of leaping over tall items like ramps.

Just imagine if a person had been walking down the ramp when this happened! This scenario is like in a movie when a speeding chase leads to a car leaping off a cliff and landing on the other side. Most of us know those things aren’t realistic, but this person clearly did not.


That’s One Way To Transport An RV

You know you’re a diehard camper when you take your RV onto the river. We can’t imagine that this ended well. You have two large canoes carrying a giant RV that already appears to be tilting to one side.

Just imagine if they hit some rapids! The craziest part is that one guy is just casually walking on top of the RV like he’s fall-proof. He could at least get down on all fours and grab on to a rope!

They Went A Little Too Far

This boat driver went a little too far when trying to park their boat at the dock. The point is to keep the boat in the water and tied to the dock, not on the wooden walkways!

The most embarrassing part is that every boat owner who comes through is going to have to squeeze past this haphazardly-angled boat to get to theirs! On the bright side, at least this yacht won’t get lost at sea.

Perfectly Stuck

Have you ever gotten into a spot that you can’t get out of? That’s what happened with this yacht. We can’t imagine how someone drove this boat into this position, but they’re certainly in a pickle.

Sea Lions Taking Over The Ship

Well, we hope the owner of this boat wasn’t too attached to it because it doesn’t look as though these giant sea lions are giving it up any time soon. The best the former captain can hope for at this point is the sea animals loving his ship as he once did.

Because, clearly, this is their new home away from home and they are ready to sail the seven seas. All these two need are white captains hats and they’re good to go!

Still Riding

This speedboat may be rapidly flooding with water, but that didn’t stop this guy from posing in it for a photo. He has his life jacket on and everything, prepared to go down with his sinking ship.

Despite the circumstances, he’s wearing a big smile on his face, happy as a clam. They must have some incredible insurance to be unfazed by the fact their boat is going down. To be fair, they do have it roped to a dock, so at least it won’t be lost.



This one isn’t technically a boating “fail” because it seems like an amazing magic trick instead. How the heck does a boat, with two grown men inside it, become airborne while traveling on dry land? It’s truly a mystery.

We can’t imagine that the landing that came after the brief sail through the air was very pleasant for the people involved. It couldn’t have been good for the boat, either!

A Boating Fail Nowhere Near The Water

We’ve all been in that scenario where you’re stuck in traffic on a highway all because a car accident blocked the road. Just imagine if you finally get to the accident spot to see it’s not a car with the problem at all, but a boat in the middle of a highway!

The yacht must have fallen off of its trailer when it went over that small bump in the road. This is why they say it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Cargo Overboard!

If you think you’re having a bad day, just think about the day the captain of this huge cargo ship is having. We’re going to take a wild guess and say someone is definitely fired! Just look at all of that cargo about to tumble off the ship.


We wouldn’t want to be on the other end of that crew when the higher-ups get word of the about-to-capsize ship. Grab a dingy and get out of their way, mates!

This boat is so tiny that the surrounding sand is already starting to bury it. We’d imagine that if the owner left it like this long enough, the boat could become completely buried. It’d be rather comical to see a family digging in the sand for their boat!

Sinking At The Dock

This boat made it all the way to land, and is even tied up at the dock. So why is it that it still is having issues staying afloat? We sincerely hope that the problem began after the boat was docked.

Otherwise, the riders could have been scrambling to make it back to land. If so, they must have been so relieved to not have their boat sink in the middle of the lake that they probably don’t even care it’s malfunctioning at the dock.

The Abandoned Boat

They say that a picture tells a thousand words, and that’s certainly true in this case. For starters, the upside-down boat must have flipped while it was in motion, being that it’s in the middle of the water.

Then there are all the lifejackets that are thrown on top of the boat, as though the riders were tossed a bunch of jackets and just left them there. With all those pokey branches sticking out of the water, we can’t imagine it was the most pleasant swim to safety.

Going Down In The Middle Of The Ocean

This little boat is going down like the Titanic. By the looks of it, there’s no saving this thing. If there was, it would at least be tied to the boat that this photograph was taken from.

Our best guess is that the owner was saved by a rescue crew when he took this picture as a memento. At least everyone on board is going to have a safe return, though we can’t say the same about this boat.

Maybe He Thought The Truck Was The Boat

The best part about this picture is the owner of the boat and truck is standing on the shore, having not one care in the world that his car is in the water. Hopefully, someone on the docks clued him in that it’s going to be a bit difficult to drive his boat home.

But, if we’re honest, we feel as though if it took this long for him to realize his truck is practically submerged, he should be allowed to drive anything on land or at sea.

“You’re Good”

Nothing quite says, “you’re good,” like a parking job that results in a boat being launched into the roof of the dock. Like, seriously, how does one even accomplish this? They had to have been going way over the speed limit and launched themselves over the actual dock to wind up in the roof.

Sir or madam, we would like to see your boating license and registration, please. Oh, and just a heads up — you’re not going to get it back for some time.

A Captain Goes Down With His Ship

You have to hand it to this guy. It takes a good amount of skill to sink a sturdy ship, especially when the ship is traveling down a canal that is lined with tires. If you’re not up-to-date with sailing, those tires are there to assure the boat doesn’t get scratched.

But, they’re also there to make sure a boater doesn’t ram into the wall at top speed, sinking the boat in the process. Note: exhibit A above.

The Moment You Remember The Boat Wasn’t Locked In Place

We’d bet a nice chunk of change that whoever was driving this truck had a huge “oh, [add colorful language here]” moment when he heard the crunching of the truck bed. How you forget to lock your boat on the trailer is beyond us, but these people managed it somehow.

Not that we’re huge boat people, but we’re guessing sailing over the family truck wasn’t exactly the wave their family planned on riding during this outing.

They Just Wanted To Help The Nice Farmer

There are really only three things that could have possibly happened here. One, the drivers of the speedboat thought it would be a nice idea to help out the farmer. Two, they wanted to literally take out the farmer by driving their boat into him.

And, three, they were trying to park. Regardless of the “why,” let’s focus on the “how.” Like how on Earth did they manage this? And can we talk about how there’s a group just watching?

This Looks Like A Nice Parking Spot

Some people need to be parking-shamed when in standard parking lots with cars. Then some need to be parking-shamed because they think the bottom of a cliff face is a good place to park their boat.

We’re not entirely sure, but that can’t be good for the hull. It’s probably scratched all over. If they’re lucky, the rock didn’t puncture through. But we watched Titanic. If an iceberg can breakthrough a ship’s outer layer, so can a rock.

Sir, The Holland Tunnel Is UNDER The River

Show of hands, who thinks this person should be allowed to own a boat? No hands? Great, we agree. If this boat owner was unaware, this is the Holland Tunnel that leads to New York.

The water they are most likely looking for is a few layers of brick, stone, and concrete above their head. Also, it’s the Hudson River. No one takes a leisurely boat ride in that thing unless they’re taking the ferry or visiting the Statue of Liberty. Otherwise, gross.


Oh, The Irony

We’re sorry that your boat went to say hi to Davey Jones, but maybe that will teach you not to name anything “No Worries.” Because, unfortunately, you don’t know what your future at sea holds. And that means that it could be very worrisome!

Not only is this person’s boat sinking now an ironic occurrence, but the people trying to help are most likely also trying not to laugh at the absurdity of the situation — we sure are.

Homemade Boat For The Fail

We get it. The spray of the sea on your face, the wind blowing through your hair, the adventure that comes with being on open water, it’s thrilling. But a DIY boat isn’t the way to go about being out on the sea.



This man gets points for creativity. But for anyone else looking for to “make a boat,” we recommend buying a kayak. We’re trying to get trash out of the oceans, not add more to it.

Contemplating Life While Another Boat Drives Away

This man looks content with the hand the universe has dealt him. Not only is he sitting on the underside of his sinking ship, but he is in a “thinker” position that makes us believe he has come to terms with what is happening.

That being said, sir, it was probably in your best interest to flag down the boat now driving away from you. It’s going to be a long swim back to shore!

A Fail That Has No Words

We’re not sure if we should roll our eyes and shake our heads at these two men, or applaud them for utilizing their sunken boat for a lounging pool of sorts. Yea, we’re going to go with the former.

If you want to lounge in a wading pool, we recommend going to the beach and lying in the surf. Otherwise, hop in your bathtub and call it a day. Sunken ships are so not the new hot tub.


Need For Speed Gone Wrong

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then this boat probably looks like the ultimate dream. But we’d like to focus your attention on the person at the bottom of the picture, falling from a still-speeding boat down to the water.

Not only is this an epic fail, but a dangerous one. We mean, come on; rule number one when getting into any moving vehicle, whether it be on land or water, you buckle in! Rookie mistake.


Who Needs A Normal Way To Haul A Boat?

We have to give it to this person, they sure are persistent. Who needs a trailer to hook your boat onto when you have a perfectly good trunk? You know what? We agree! It’s time to say no to buying accessories that will save the back half of your car.

Who cares if the weight of the boat is going to drag down the car and most likely run both vehicles? Yeah, us; we care. Don’t do this. Ever.

Marker Three? Yeah, The One With The Boat

The good news is no one will ever forget where marker three is in the channel. The bad news is that whoever is the owner of this little speed boat had one severely bad day. Not only is their boat done for, but they are now and will forever be the person who drove their boat at a ridiculous speed into a marker.

Like, honestly, they had to be going super fast for that piece of wood the cleanly cut in half the front of that boat.

They Tried

We have to give this person a little bit of credit because they did try. Was it their best attempt at tying off their boat at the dock? Probably not. Will they get a lot of beef from this fail for a long time? Probably yes.

We would just like to know how the boat was tied off and yet was able to submerge underwater completely. The other two boats are perfectly fine!


How Did They Qualify For The Olympics?

If anything, the guy on the left-hand side of this photo is totally us if our ship was about to sink. He is completely over this race, regardless if it’s the Olympics. That being said, their sail boat is literally on its side.

How did two highly-qualified Olympians let that happen? We know, it can happen to anyone. Maybe we’re thinking that’s an easier save than it actually is. Well, lefty over there earned gold in our book for his impeccable form.

There’s Something To Be Said About Commitment

You have to admit; this guy went all out for this boating fail. Not only did he say “not needed” to the water, but he completed his entire escapade with a sailor outfit. And that’s not even the best part.


We’d love to know where this man got a parrot and how he trained it to sit on the stern of the rowboat while he “rowed” down the road. We’re calling this an evil genius fail.


It’s A Fighter!

Well, it appears that this fisherman does not skip leg day at the gym. He’s probably been training for this moment his whole life, looking for that one monster fish to prove himself to his fishing buddies.