Jonathon Isaac the NBA Star Who Refused to Kneel During National Anthem or Wear Black Lives Matter Shirt & Prayed—Went Viral

Jonathon Isaac

By Billy Hallowell
July, 2022

Like millions around the globe, NBA star Jonathan Isaac was heartbroken and horrified by video footage of George Floyd’s death, but when it came time to react publicly—he thought twice.


Isaac, author of the book “Why I Stand,” said fellow NBA players decided on July 31, 2020, to kneel during the National Anthem amid the sea of protest that followed footage of Floyd’s death.

But Isaac decided to chart a different course.

“[I was watching] what happened to George Floyd and, as tragic as it was, trying to work through what is the best way to respond or if I need to respond at all,” Isaac told CBN’s “Faith vs. Culture.” “I was almost forced to because, once we get into the bubble, there is this immense pressure on NBA players to have to kneel for the National Anthem and wear a Black Lives Matter TV shirt.”


Isaac said, in some ways, it felt like there was no choice but to go along with what everyone else was doing, but as he pondered and prayed about how to progress, he came to a realization: a protest wouldn’t change hearts and minds.

Watch Isaac explain what unfolded:


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