Interview with Rep. Todd Warner of Chapel Hill ‘Why I Serve’


*Originally posted in the Williamson Herald

Publisher’s Note: Todd Warner is a member of the Tennessee General Assembly from the 92nd district as a member of the Republican Party. Warner is a father of three children who are all attended the Tennessee public education system.  He and his wife Cindy recently celebrated his 30th year of marriage He represents Marshall County, parts of Franklin County, Marion County, Lincoln County and now Spring Hill in southern Williamson County after recent redistricting.


Todd Warner

Republican incumbent for House of Representatives, District 92

Have you previously run for or held a position in public office? I am the current state representative proudly representing District 92 in the Tennessee General Assembly

Occupation: Small business owner and farmer

Family: Married for 31 years to the love of my life, Cindy. We have three children Patrick, Kathleen and Cason



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Why did you decide to run for this position? 

I first ran for and was elected as state representative two years ago. At that time, our community was in desperate need of a conservative voice in Nashville. Thanks to the wonderful folks of our district, I was given the opportunity to be that voice and have spent the last two years fighting for the conservative values that we all hold dear. I believe government is too big and too nosey. We need less government in our lives and more good old-fashioned common sense.

Even though I have been in office for one term, I still do not call myself a politician by any means — I’m just a small-town family man that loves our community, our state and our country. Unlike some politicians we know, my word is my bond, and I don’t make promises I cannot keep. What I promised two years ago during my campaign is even more important in today’s political environment, and I once again give you my word to always be a strong, trusted voice for our community who will work tirelessly every single day to promote our shared conservative values and protect our constitutional rights, no matter what.


What do you believe are the top three issues that need to be addressed in the Tennessee House of Representatives in the next General Assembly?

• Doing all we can to fight inflation and stop the policies coming down from Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and the radical liberals in Washington, D.C. that are destroying our economy

• Helping our small businesses grow and thrive by cutting regulations, cutting taxes and doing all we can to support our Tennessee entrepreneurs 

• Standing strong for our teachers and being a vocal advocate in protecting our constitutional rights

What makes you the best candidate for this position?

Our district deserves a fighter, someone who is willing to stand up to the career politicians and big-money lobbyists running our state Capitol. I have done exactly that during my two years in office, even when they’ve come after me for taking the conservative stance on things. Tennessee has the ability to serve as a national model for the kind of success that bold conservative policymaking can accomplish. Unfortunately, Joe Biden and his cronies in Washington, D.C. want to roll back our successes and turn Tennessee into a welfare state that must rely on the federal government to function. Under my watch, that will never happen — I will not back down, I will never be afraid to roll up my sleeves and go to work for you, and I will never stop working to be the number one freedom-fighting voice for the people of Tennessee.


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