High Administrative Salaries ‘burden the next generation’ of students to pay for college


By Elizabeth Fitch

  • Elizabeth Fitch is an associate professor of biology at Motlow State Community College and was the former dean of the Smyrna campus.

The cost of higher education and the associated debt for those who attend college has been a popular topic in recent years, sparking public cries and political debate for change.

That said, it’s no surprise that the United States is currently dealing with news about President Biden’s bold move to write off the debt of students who racked up gigantic federal loans while pursuing higher education.

Instead of asking whether the loans should be canceled or not, we should be looking at a different question.

Why is higher education so expensive that it is nearly impossible to repay federal loans obtained while in attendance?

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The answer is partly due to rising tuition fees fueled by the need to pay the high salaries and costs for the ever-increasing number of administrative positions that have been added to higher education institutions over the past few decades, otherwise known as “administrative bloat”. .”

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