Here’s What The 1997 Lexus GS 300 Costs Today


Soon-to-be 25 years after its launch, the 1997 Lexus GS 300 still makes it to the list of low-budget reliable sedans.



Let’s talk about the good news first – the 1997 Lexus GS 300 is available for under $5,000. If that’s not appealing, we don’t know what is. Sure, you won’t get the latest design and technology, but that’s expected at such a low budget. For the price, it hardly gets better than this.

There’s a caveat, though. Unfortunately, there are not many 1997 Lexus GS 300 models on sale at the moment. We scanned the market looking for this particular variant, but mostly found the younger models. Hopefully, you’ll have more luck than we did, especially if you check local dealerships.

If you don’t want to wait for the 1977 model to appear on the used car market, you can always go for the newer options. Those may cost you a couple of hundreds of thousand dollars more, but you’ll still get the performance and looks of the Lexus sedan.

What To Expect Regarding Power And Performance

The 1997 Lexus GS 300.
Via: Lexus Pressroom

The 1997 Lexus GS 300 is powered by a 3-liter six-cylinder engine that outputs 220-hp at 5,800 rpm. It provides a stable and enjoyable ride with smooth shifting and acceleration. The engine also comes paired with a five-speed automatic transmission and solid fuel economy. Moreover, the top speed goes up to 143 mph – not too impressive but good enough to ensure excitement when needed.

Overall, you’ll find the GS 300 ideal for cruising on the city and the highway. Although you may not find it as cat-like as the most modern sedans, the 1997 Lexus GS 300 is still quiet and reliable enough to be fun to drive.

Outside, the 1997 Lexus GS 300 is sleek, elegant, and very appealing. Inside, the materials are of good quality and subtle. Lexus made sure to make the interior luxurious for the time but not in a too-obvious way. That’s why this sedan came with a pretty high price in 1997.

Today, however, you can find it at an affordable rate.

Of course, the same rich interior is not comparable with the tech-based ones from 2018 or beyond, but everything has its price.

For those on a restricted budget, the 1977 Lexus GS 300 provides everything needed and more, ensuring practical and joyful rides.




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