Get Your Motor Runnin’ for Tennessee Motorama

  1. Get Your Motor Runnin’ for the 10th Annual Tennessee Motorama

Editor’s  Note: It was roughly 21 years ago that Tommy ‘Scooter’ Williams and I were working in ‘the pit’ at Nissan Motor Manufacturing in Smyrna. I recall Tommy working on his dream of developing Both Barrels Promotion and Grease Monkey Magazine and he made it happen. I’m proud of you Tommy!

Tommy ‘Scooter’ Williams announces the 10th annual Tennessee Motorama. The event will be held at the Wilson County Fairgrounds Saturday January 9th from 10am to 4pm. 

“We’re excited for another Motorama. Last year’s attendance was great. I think 2021 will be even better. I know folks are tired of being cooped-up. Come on out and join us,” said Tommy Williams, publisher of Bothbarrell and Grease Monkey Magazine.



About Both Barrels Promotions

Every since our first venture selling parts in high school so we’d have enough money to keep our heaps running, the love for old cars and bikes has been a driving force behind our business. Over the years our business has evolved from part time swap meet sellers to now promoting hot rod, rat rod, motorcycle and classic car show related events, automotive swap meets, vintage drag races and motorcycle flat track races to starting Grease Monkey Magazine, we are constantly submerged in the culture and plan to stay!



For more information contact Tommy at 615-364-1828 or visit Both Barrels Promotion.