Former Nashville Judge Casey Moreland sentenced to 44 months in Jail


    Staff Reports:

    Former Davidson County judge Casey Moreland was disbarred Wednesday in a response to his guilty plea on a slate of federal corruption charges.

    The Tennessee Supreme Court issued the order based on his conduct, which included obstruction, conspiracy to commit theft, and tampering with a witness according to a statement from the state Board of Professional Responsibility.

    The former judge was sentenced to 44 months in prison for the crimes in November. Moreland, 60, will be forced to pay $18,000 in restitution. Moreland resigned from the General Sessions bench in 2017., after federal authorities arrested him on an array of corruption charges.

    The high court suspended Moreland before he was sentenced. The final decision to disbar him came after a meeting of the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility, which found Moreland had violated multiple ethical rules.

    Investigators launched a probe to determine if he traded preferential treatment for sexual favors. Moreland took steps to thwart that investigation by attempting to bribe and frame a former lover, prosecutors said.

    After federal authorities arrested him again in 2018 on charges that he had continued to interfere with investigation, Moreland agreed to plead guilty on several counts.

    Moreland was being investigated for allegedly violating anti-corruption statues by soliciting and extorting things of value, including trading sexual favors from people with whom he had close personal relationships, in return for performing official acts that benefited those people.