Emissions Testing may be Over, EPA must Act


Editor’s Note: 

Tennessee emissions testing is burdensome–more government mandates and bureaucracy that oppresses, ‘We The People.’

Our community has been concerned about our state’s mandated emissions testing.

At our Smyrna Emissions Town Hall we held at Shoneys Restaurant three years ago, Judge Carter shared a personal story of how a lady who lived in his district and owned a small business had called him.

She said, “I’m sure I’m inconveniencing you. I have the small business doing A/C work and I have a Ford van and they wont pass emissions. The check engine light codes have nothing to do with the air pollutants. It will cost me a few thousand dollars to repair the codes and they have nothing to do with air quality.”

Mike became somewhat emotional and teary-eyed telling this story. Mike is no doubt passionate for positive change.

Managing our former car business I personally witnessed this play out time and time gain—the emissions testing is burdensome, not just on the poor but the middle-class and upper-class as well.

The time to sit in long lines, the hassle, many unwarranted costly  repairs just to get the check engine light off.

The saddest, yet funniest (yes, my humor is strange) was when a friend of mine who works at the capitol had called me in a ‘frantic tone.’


Pictured: Steve Gill, Legislative Assistant Michelle Hake Barker, Debbie Stephens who is Sen. Mark Pody’s LA and former state senator Mae Beavers.

I asked, “What’s wrong—thinking that someone had died.” She responded, ” Mike, my car won’t pass “eee…mis…sions…ahhha…ha ha…ahha…ooo…ahha!”

She finally calmed down after 5-10 minutes. I said,” Change your paradigm—you should thank God you’re driving nice car that won’t pass emissions. At least you have a car to drive.”

The whole point is that the emissions testing causes an unnecessary burden to constituents and it is my belief that we should address that. Most cars now have standards already in place that protect the environment. Tennessee has reached

Thank you Judge Mike Carter for your and others efforts to end the emissions racket.

“Some good news…we’re in the final stages of eliminating mandatory vehicle emissions testing in Hamilton County, which is EPA approval” said Chairman Mike Carter.

Pictured: Judge Mike Carter


The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) completed its air quality study and is recommending the elimination of mandatory vehicle emissions testing in Hamilton County and Middle Tennessee. 

The EPA has evaluated Tennessee’s (TDEC) analysis and preliminarily agrees with its findings and conclusions.

Judge Carter stated in June of 2019 that a TDEC study found the testing only yielded a .031667 air quality improvement, which he said is “almost not measurable.”

“A TDEC study found the testing only yielded a .031667 air quality improvement, which he said is “almost not measurable” ~ Rep. Mike Carter

The EPA is now seeking public comments through July 8th. You can submit your comments here:

Submit your comments, identified by Docket ID No. EPA-R04-OAR-2019-0619 at http://www.regulations.gov. Follow the online instructions for submitting comments.

Please let the EPA hear from you!