NFIB: Small Business Resources in Response to Coronavirus



As small businesses across the country are grappling with the current and potential impacts associated with COVID-19, NFIB is continuing to track the latest developments from healthcare officials, congress and the administration. We know small business owners are acting now to take necessary precautions, but also need to understand how actions taken by policymakers today affect business operations down the road.

On this page, you will find up-to-date resources from NFIB and outside organizations. Throughout this time, NFIB will continue to offer webinars, legislative monitoring, and additional resources.

If you have any questions regarding your business and COVID-19, please contact NFIB’s Small Business Legal Center at 800-552-NFIB

Many small businesses across Tennessee have seen a dramatic decline in foot traffic and sales. Many are struggling with payroll and are now having to figure out the new federal law (H.R. 6201) that requires them to pay sick leave and FMLA. The law could not have come at a more inopportune time. But small business owners and their employees are resilient, and we will come through this. But many are going to need help and relief, not more mandates.” ~ Jim Brown

Governor Bill Lee announces his plans to eliminate the tax on small gyms and improve vocational training opportunities. He is off to a great start. (Image courtesy of Jim Brown Facebook 2019)

NFIB Resources

Webinar: How Small Businesses, Workers, and Workplaces Should Respond to COVID-19

On Friday, March 13, NFIB hosted a webinar to discuss COVID-19 and the impact of small businesses.

Chairman Mike Sparks, NFIB Director Jim Brown and Chairman Mike Carter speak to Tennessee small business owners for their annual NFIB Day On The Hill.

This webinar provided a critical, up-to-the-minute report on the situation from NFIB Senior Executive Counsel Beth Milito and NFIB Director of Research Holly Wade. They provided government updates on how to take precautions and handle presumptive cases in the workplace. Watch here.


NFIB Study: Coronavirus Impact on Small Businesses

The NFIB Research Center’s new survey on the current impact of Coronavirus on small businesses. NFIB will continue to survey small business owners to hear how it has affected them first-hand.

NFIB Legal Resource: How Small Business Can Prepare for Coronavirus

The NFIB Small Business Legal Center provided information on other employment laws owners should consider during this time including the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and the Occupational Safety and Health Act.