Paul Latture: Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce Encourages Supporting Small Business


A Message From Our President

We are in uncertain times and, like you, we are anxious. Of course, we are concerned about the health of our employees.

We also worry about our extended family—our members. The small businesses that are the very fabric of Rutherford County.

They are the ones that support your child’s baseball team. 
They are the businesses that donate to the nonprofits that care for our community. 

The restaurants that we frequent more than our own dining room tables.
The shops where the owners know us by name.
The venues where we make memories that will be shared for generations to come.

We are in uncertain times indeed. And while we navigate a reality that changes by the day, and even by the hour, we want to encourage you to please find a way to support your favorite local business. They need us more than ever.

-The Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce