Congratulations Speaker Cameron Sexton


by Mike Sparks

NASHVILLE-Representative Cameron Sexton has officially become Tennessee’s new Speaker of the House.

Sexton was elected in a 94 to 2 vote. Two members were not present for the vote. The vote occurred in a special session to replace former Speaker of the House Speaker Glen Casada. Sexton has been in and around politics for many years. He previously worked on Lt. Governor Randy McNally’s 1994 Tennessee Senate campaign.

According to Sexton has had the following political experience:

  • Representative, Tennessee State House of Representatives, 2010–present
  • Member of the House Calendar and Rules Committee, the House Commerce Committee and the House Health and Human Resources Committee.
  • Was named the House Freshmen Republican Legislator of the year by the Knoxville-News Sentinel for the 107th General Assembly.
  • Prime sponsored legislation which focused on Tennessee’s seniors, veterans and business owners. He passed legislation which increased the exemption levels on the Halls Income Tax to reduce taxes and make thousands of Tennessee’s seniors income tax free.
  • Led the effort to Tennessee armed services members who died in the line of duty. His bill required that the Tennessee flag at the State Capitol and the flag at the courthouse in the soldier’s home town, be flown at half-mast.
  • Passed legislation allowing businesses to file forms electronically instead of through the mail for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Sexton has served in multiple leadership positions to date. He was elected as House Majority Whip in the Tennessee House of Representatives for the 108th General Assembly, and currently serves as the Majority Caucus Chairman for the 111th general assembly.

Editor’s note: My wife Felicia and I had dinner at Chili’s in Murfreesboro with Cameron and his wife Lacey last month. My wife was especially impressed with Cameron’s concerns for health care, education, reaching our youth and those who often don’t have a voice. I personally liked something Cameron said, “Mike, I’ve been on a few mission trips and I find it ironic that we go out of the country to do mission work, but we have so many issues that are important right here in Tennessee, especially the inner city. As your next speaker, I will promise to work hard to make a strong positive impact in our state.”

Felicia and I had left the dinner trying to hurry and get home and check on my mother that we have been taking care of. It was the evening that we have some terrible tornadic storms. Sadly, the home down the road had a large tree fall and crush their car completely destroying it. There were six members running for the speaker position and there were three to four members whom I really liked and thought could do a good job for our state. I often pray for a sign and God’s wisdom for direction and right before the vote my wife had text me and said, “I think you should vote for “Cam,” which I did. I believe that Speaker Cameron Sexton will do a great job- I wish him Godspeed in his new role and God bless the Great State of Tennessee